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Hosted by: Chris Hill
Genre: Pop
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Including ‘ Weekend Words, 10.30 Love Song, Local events, and all you need to know for the weekend in & around Nort.


Chris Hill
Weekend Breakfast

Always living in the local area, I’ve had a real passion for music from as far back as I can remember. Back in the 90s when everyone was making “mixtapes”, I was one of those people who would talk between the songs, introducing them. Not really sure what my friends thought about it, they were probably too busy wondering why I had Tom Jones and Billy Joel on my mixtape rather than The Spice Girls and The Backstreet Boys

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to join a local, community radio station in 2013 and never felt pressure like it, even though I don’t think anyone was listening at the time. I started out presenting a lunchtime show with a good friend of mine, Kane, and we created some special moments over the years, lots of memories and laughs! Sadly the reality of a career for Kane meant I was left hosting shows on my own but not willing to quit radio, I continued and now I’m lucky enough to find myself here.

I’m a big lover of most music genres, so please NEVER ask me to name my favourite song, I’d probably struggle to narrow it down to a Top 100! When I’m not listening to music I’m spending time with my beautiful family and our Labrador, Chester. Chester and I have a close relationship, forged largely through our mutual love of food!

You can find me up and about nice and early at the weekends, from 8 am on DH One.