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Putting LOCAL back into North Somerset

Digital Hits is the only local radio station covering the geographical area of North Somerset and surrounding areas, run on a not-for-profit basis. We cater for the whole community meaning our aim is to be a central part of it from the music played which has a broad appeal, to the promotion of all good causes within the area for FREE. The station aims to be the very best it can be at all times ensuring our listeners can tune in at anytime of the day or night knowing our very high standards are consistent at all times. We play music from the last four decades and occasionally slightly wider. We offer both local and national information that is appropriate for our listeners such as our weekly program presented by Paul Pennington called Word on Health. Each week Paul informs listeners about a particular illness and what symptoms they should look for along with the types of treatment available. Digital Hits One also has its daily round up of community and local traffic & travel information. We are a station committed to having “original output” that is “produced locally” for our listeners.

Free Charity Promotion

Digital Hits One, promotes all not for profit events for FREE.

Outstanding Music

A station dedicated to playing great music, all day, every day.

Community Information

Bringing the very latest local information for our community.


Perfect Experience

Digital Hits One is a station dedicated to listeners in North Somerset with many more from around the world enjoying a beautiful crafted blend of music and information to ensure thier day with us is a pure pleasure.


Presenters & Staff

Here at Digital Hits One we are very proud of our team both on air and behind the scenes. They work tirelessly to ensure our listeners get the very best experience whether its listening pleasure or social media.


Whats On Where is a roundup of local events here in North Somerset and the surrounding areas. Digital Hits One promotes all not for profit and charity events for FREE via its on-air and social media platforms.

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Broadcasting on 100.5 FM

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Putting LOCAL back in radio!

We are committed to bring ORIGINAL locally produced programming content to North Somerset.

A30 eastbound within the A388 near Launceston (east) junction | Eastbound | Road Works

By |September 16th, 2021|Planned Roadworks|Comments Off on A30 eastbound within the A388 near Launceston (east) junction | Eastbound | Road Works

Location : The A30 eastbound between the A388 Launceston Central and the junction with the A388 Launceston East. Lane Closures : Lane one is closed. Reason : Roadworks. Status : Currently Active. Period : expect disruption until 06:00 on 17 September 2021. Lanes Closed : There is one of two lanes closed.

Koepka ‘good to go’ for Ryder Cup

By |September 16th, 2021|Sports News|Comments Off on Koepka ‘good to go’ for Ryder Cup

Less than a fortnight after his withdrawal from the Tour Championship with a wrist injury, Brooks Koepka insists he will be fit and ready to take on Europe at the Ryder Cup. Watch live coverage from Whistling Straits all week on Sky Sports By Keith Jackson Last Updated: 16/09/21 10:27pm Brooks Koepka is confident he…

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