May I send you a local news story?

DH One welcomes all local news stories and encourages the local residents and business to send in theirs via the contact us page or directly using: news @ digitalhits . one (remove spaces!) and if suitable we will get them added to our website, social media pages and on-air.

Please allow as much time as possible to ensure we can get it on-air.


Can I advertise my business with you?

Yes absolutely, DH One welcomes all local business wishing to promote themselves on-air or via social media and any station print output.

We offer exceptional value for money for your business and in supporting the station you are then supporting your local community as you are helping to maintain the station on-air!


Can I sponsor a show on your station?

Yes. All shows produced and aired on the station can be sponsored on a 3 months basis as a minimum and should you wish can be done for a full 12 months offering a discount compared to the shorter one.

You can also sponsor multiple shows subject to availability.


Are you able to promote my event?

Yes. Where an event is not-for-profit or a charitable one we will happily promote it both on-air and by social media FREE of charge, please note however we may require proof from you that it is charitable.

We are more than happy to promote all other events however there will be a small charge to facilitate this.


Can I become part of the team?

Yes. Here at DH One we welcome all who wish to participate in the running of the station and its many areas of engagement with the local community. There are many opportunities to get involved no matter how much time you can spare or what experience you have as there are loads of behind the scene jobs.


Do you offer student training?

Yes. The station is very committed to offering student training and has to date offered places annually with the help of our own dedicated staff to ensure that students get the best possibly experience we can offer them from theory to practical covering all aspects of business and media as appropriate.


May I do my work experience with you?

Yes. DH One enjoys a good working relationship with local schools who wish to have students carry out their work experience within a media organisation.

We can accommodate weekly year 11 or annual placements for year 12/13 students subject to places.