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The UK general election takes place on 4 July. You will be able to vote for the person who goes to represent your area in the House of Commons.

Big changes have been made to the political map since 2019. Boundaries have changed and many constituencies will be new or different from the last general election for millions of people.

You can use our lookup to find out which constituency you are in, who is standing as a candidate in your area and to which polling station you can go to vote.

If you want to browse through the constituencies you can use our A-Z page.

There are 650 constituencies across the UK and each returns one MP to the House of Commons in Parliament in Westminster. In England there are 543; 57 in Scotland; 32 in Wales and 18 in Northern Ireland.

Your vote decides who becomes the local MP and which party wins the UK’s general election overall.

The vast majority of adults will be able to vote in this election. If you are over 18 and are not registered you have until 23:59 on Tuesday 18 June to register to vote. You will also need ID to vote.

How many candidates are standing?

There are more than 4,500 candidates from about 100 different parties. No party is standing in every constituency. This is partly because the main parties, other than the Conservatives, do not normally stand in Northern Ireland and traditionally they do not stand against the Speaker of the House of Commons.

Labour and the Green Party are standing in every other constituency in England. The Conservatives decided not to put up a candidate in Rotherham, the Liberal Democrats have not stood a candidate in Manchester Rusholme.

In Scotland the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Reform UK and the SNP are standing in every constituency.

In Wales the three largest UK-wide parties, and Plaid Cymru are standing in all 32 constituencies with Reform UK close behind on 31.

In Northern Ireland only the Alliance Party and the SDLP are standing in all 18 constituencies. The UUP are in 17, the DUP 16 and Sinn Féin are standing in 14. The Conservatives have candidates standing in five constituencies in Northern Ireland

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