Know Your Enemy

Green Day

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2009-04-25
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Video Length: 3:12

Music Video


  • Of course it is lip synced

    By Marilyn Manson's biggest fan
    It would be hard for them to get the song just right along with the video. They had to produce one first and it makes more sense to do the actual song first and then lip sing it. It all makes sense, Green Day are just having fun and want the person listening to have the best experience, that involves music and video to be perfect.
  • amazingness!!

    By rachhXX
    i love this song and green day are amazing!! a great song from 21st century breakdown, plus the guys look fantastic in it!! (especially billie joe!!) x
  • Awesome

    By Green day rock
    Great song great video by an amzing band :)
  • Awesome!!!

    By Cal 3000
    Well Violence is an energy...from here to eternity...well violence is an energy... So gimme gimme revolution!!!
  • Green day doing what they do best,5 stars

    By james finlayson
    ace song...ace group,what more do you need.
  • U ROCK

    By Vikki>
    maybe i could of died but thank the lord i diddnt GREEN day are back WHOOOO with the hugest hit of the CENTURY GREEN DAY RULE!!!
  • Not Very Good

    By Angora
    This Music Video is probably him lip singing the song and them playing the album
  • green day

    By green day fan lulu
    good vid. but what the hell has maike done to his hair????!!! billie Joe loooks realitvly normal and tre well tre's tre' hes always the same
  • its great

    By Mr... Death
    i love it there back!
  • American Idiots, I Think Not.

    By Hels6Bells
    WOW. Can't wait For the Album. Goodtimes Indeed. I'd Forgotten just how Much Green Day Excite Me. [=