Mind Heist - EP - Zack Hemsey

Mind Heist - EP

Zack Hemsey

  • Genre: Instrumental
  • Release Date: 2011-05-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 5

  • ℗ 2011 Zack Hemsey


Title Artist Time
Mind Heist Zack Hemsey 2:09 GBP 0.99
Mind Heist: The Birth of an Id Zack Hemsey 3:47 GBP 0.99
Mind Heist: No Turning Back Zack Hemsey 2:33 GBP 0.99
Mind Heist: The Promise of Tom Zack Hemsey 1:23 GBP 0.99
Mind Heist: Evolution Zack Hemsey 6:15 GBP 0.99


  • Amazing EP.

    By Karate21
    Few superlatives for this album; *Epic *Intense *Grand *Heart-pumping *Bold *Brilliant Go buy!
  • Epic.

    By The Viv Meister
    The music in this album makes even sitting on the toilet epic.
  • Excellent Music

    By Kevin FaceMcgee
    One of the best artists around; producing another great album. In response to Casey Brady the Inception sound and cliche effect will be because Mind Heist was used for the advert of Inception.
  • At Last

    By MadAngel70
    Been waiting so long for this music, it suited the trailer for Inception perfectly, well written and dramatic. So finally glad I bought this epic track , it's worth buying the whole album as for £2.49 is a bargain
  • Excellent...

    By Jco123
    ..and well worth the ridiculously small price. Recommended :)
  • Mind heist

    By Somebody1243
    I heard this on minecraft fanmade trailer and thought wow I need to get this and it still amazing
  • Mind Heist

    By Casey Brady
    I really like what this guy is about. He's in a field I want to be in and I have the utmost respect for him. This EP is a neat little package about 16 minutes in length in total, and I think the words 'epic' and 'cool' would be the most suitable words here. He's really going for the Zimmer Batman/Inception sound, and achieves it quite well, using a combination of traditional and electronic instruments (all virtual, or 'out of the box'). My main problem with this is that the whole thing is a massive cliché. The main themes are quite uninventive and they are rather overused, to the point where the tracks are almost indistinguishable from one another. And touching on the Zimmer thing again, I can't help but feel that Hemsey's music is rather derivative, rather than simply under the influence. The production isn't perfect either, which I feel is quite an important element with music such as this. Despite these nags, I can't help but really like this EP, and I hate to award it a 3-star, but I stand by my above reasons. If you want to listen to quarter of an hour of dark, bold and epic music, look no further than this.
  • Makes walking anywhere 100% more awesome!

    By jasonsnowling
    I've been waiting for this ever since Inception came out and its still just as epic. It makes me want to put on a nice suit and fight someone in a hotel corridor! Sweet dreams people!!!!
  • Amazing!!!

    By Fistmaster1000
    This guy knows how to write epic music, I think he should team up with the Zimmerman for dark knight rises. Epic!!!

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