Comme si de rien n'était - Carla Bruni

Comme si de rien n'était

Carla Bruni

  • Genre: French Pop
  • Release Date: 2008-07-14
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 14

  • ℗ 2008 Dramatico Entertainment Ltd


Title Artist Time
Ma jeunesse Carla Bruni 2:35 GBP 0.79
La possibilité d'une île Carla Bruni 3:57 GBP 0.79
L'amoureuse Carla Bruni 3:04 GBP 0.79
Tu es ma came Carla Bruni 3:02 GBP 0.79
Salut marin Carla Bruni 2:53 GBP 0.79
Ta tienne Carla Bruni 2:43 GBP 0.79
Péché d'envie Carla Bruni 2:55 GBP 0.79
You Belong to Me Carla Bruni 3:01 GBP 0.79
Le temps perdu Carla Bruni 2:45 GBP 0.79
Déranger les pierres Carla Bruni 3:15 GBP 0.79
Je suis une enfant Carla Bruni 3:10 GBP 0.79
L'antilope Carla Bruni 2:03 GBP 0.79
Notre grand amour est mort Carla Bruni 3:25 GBP 0.79
Il vecchio e il bambino Carla Bruni 3:24 GBP 0.79


  • wOw sHe Is sO inTernAtiOnal!!

    By spabo
    Carla Bruni should stop to sing in french as her face lately is getting the shape of a dry pinenut as her mouth is restricted by the unnatural movement forced by the language to her foreign, I would see her much better with a Mandolin and a plate full of spaghetti with tomato sauce.
  • not good

    By nthornley
    not good
  • First lady of chanson

    By eustonian
    Sorry for the corny title. Ms Bruni's third album is her most musically confident and self-assured. She mixes styles elegantly and has extended her sense of rhythm and tune. Critics who describe her voice as weak and flat are missing the point. It's easy to get distracted by her life and dismiss her as a musical seductress. She is, but that belies a genuine musical talent.
  • Love it

    By Not your typical review writer
    Thought it would be not as good as Carla Bruni's first album. Then thought I should only buy a couple of songs or so. Then took a plunge, bought the complete album and never regretted it for a moment. Absolutely brilliant, a pleasure to listen to, palpable joie de vivre. It is key to ignore what you've read about Carla Bruni and appreciate the music for what it is. Both she and the music more than deserve it.
  • Carla Bruni will...

    By joshuabradwell
    ...never cease to amaze me. I was hesitant about this album but on first hearing my ears were filled with her pure, soultry voice. Love it.
  • Mediocre simulation

    By DrGroove
    The main trouble for Carla Bruni is that there is simply nothing original in her songs or vocal style. This album is clearly written in a certain tradition of French song, but emerges as a weak simulation. The real superficiality of her singing appears very clearly to the English ear, in the paper thin 'You Belong to me'. And all this is before considering the lack of taste in releasing this so soon after she marries the French president. Save your money, and buy some Serge Gainsborough or Jane Birkin instead.
  • Charm

    By revoxx
    Classy and singing in French again. Thank God. Ma Jeunesse, Tu es ma came, Je suis une enfant possess a brightness and native charm a la Juliet Greco. This is quite a cool outing, the arrangements are more polished than the previous album (a ghastly experiment with English speaking poems). This may not have the naivete of her debut, but her writing has developed and is less cliché. She's found her voice with elegance and where the hardest thing for a writer is to be timless, she succeeds. Perhaps she really can give up the day job !!
  • Honestly

    By shicane
    Surely this can be appreciated on a positive level?? However I think Carla should stick to her role as first lady :p Or at least try not to make money from this?
  • C'est Magnifique! Et tres sentimental

    By L'estranger
    Carla's voice is magic. I didn't want to like this album, and I had this misguided idea that it was going to come in just across the border of tacky as much French pop does this days. That she can be so simultaneously evocative and provocative singing in English, French and Italian speaks to a gift that lies far deeper than her good looks. Sarkozy is one lucky man!
  • Wonderful!

    By vaho15
    One more time Brilliant album from now Mrs.Sarkozy-Bruni! I love this album more and more.

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