Why choose Radio advertising?

Radio advertising works

That’s why there are now over 280 licensed community stations and 320 commercial radio stations in the UK.

Radio is universal

It reaches the places other media cannot reach; the home, the car, online, with one recent study showing that radio increases online brand browsing by an average of 52%. Radio is also an incredibly responsive medium and often first for information. 47% choose radio as the most important source of info, primarily because if there’s a breaking news story the stations have the flexibility to talk about it there and then.

Radio is immediate and flexible; campaigns can be booked and on air within 24 hours, and can be changed to respond to changing trading environments very promptly.

Radio is personal

Listeners trust their favourite radio station and your commercial forms part of our output. With reduced wastage your message reaches our listeners, your customers.

Radio is a friend.

Radio is a unique environment, as listeners feel that they have a personal relationship with the presenters; they feel that the presenters are speaking directly to them and any information they hear is trusted – in the same way that you trust your friends. It also means that listeners hear commercial messages in an environment where they feel happy, and ultimately they are then more responsive to the message.

If you’re interested in radio advertising, please call
07831 874507

3 Months

£349monthly + VAT
  • Bronze package includes a minimum of 21 x 30 second commercial** plays per week
  • Bronze Package 84 plays per month

12 Months

£895monthly + VAT
  • Includes free production of your commercial
  • Gold package includes a minimum of 70 x 30 second commercial plays per week
  • Gold Package 280 plays per month

6 Months

£549monthly + VAT
  • Silver package includes a minimum of 35 x 30 second commercial** plays per week
  • Silver Package 140 plays per month

All prices are per month based on a 3, 6 or 12 month contract, payable monthly in advance of broadcast. Other packages available on request.

For more information please get in touch. Terms and conditions apply. VAT is not included in quoted prices. ** Please note that a one-off fee from £249 applies for the production of your commercial ( 1 Voice ). Charges will also apply should you wish to make changes to your commercial once produced.

Questions & Answers

All advertising is by way of up front cleared funds, therefore we will issue you with an invoice for payment at least 30 day BEFORE the campaign is due to go on-air. In the unlikely event payment is not received 7 days before going on-air we will contact you, should there still be no payment 24 hours before going to air we reserve the right to withdraw your campaign.

Yes, here at Digital Hits we strongly believe that a campaign should be altered to keep it fresh however you must always be cautious of the timing and whether you are looking to keep a theme relating to your business or product.

We belive that you should run a campaign for at least 4 to 8 weeks as a minimum unless you are promoting an event or offer in which case there would be an advantage in counting down. We would be more than happy to discuss this with you.

Yes, all of our advertising campaigns can be discounted subject to certain criteria being met, these could be length of booking, amount of up front cleared payment to name just two. We try to be flexible where possible however like all companies there is only so much, we can discount. Here at Digital Hits there is no one fits all package so we are more than happy to make a bespoke advertising campaign.

It is always best to let a professional write your campaign script as they will have a greater understanding of how to get your message across in the given time, also they will be aware of the many regulations that a campaign must adhere to.

This being said our script writers will work closely with you to ascertain what you wish to promote and will give you plenty of opportunities to amend their initial concept before YOU agree the final copy.

Ofcom Broadcasting Code allows the sponsorship of radio stations, subject to specific safeguards intended to preserve editorial independence, protect the under 18s and ensure the audience is made fully aware of the sponsorship relationship. Ofcom Broadcasting Code prohibits the sponsorship of news.

Typical radio sponsorships are weather, traffic & travel and sports bulletins through to show sponsorships such as weekday breakfast, drive-time and weekend programming. As sponsorships build awareness in a subtle way, 3 months is the minimum duration recommended for a sponsorship.

Yes, there is nothing stopping you having music within your campaign provided your pockets are deep enough!

All mainstream music is subject to copywrite and royalties, there are however none royalty music publishers who allow you to pay a one time fee.