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I’ve spent pretty much all my life with a passion for music and the way it’s presented, radio was the tool that made it sound fresh and exciting. You have to realise, and those of a certain age will understand that radio was a very different animal back in the ’80s, it was just that, fresh and exciting and I, like thousands of others back then wanted to explore this strange and magical phenomenon.

Growing up in Walsall I spent hours, and I mean hundreds if not thousands of hours listening and recording in my bedroom trying to understand just how all this was done, and eventually at the age of just 15 I got my first real taste of radio at a station in Wolverhampton, thanks to a wonderful friend sadly no longer here to read this, Roy Wedge, whose passion and pure love for the radio was incredible, and its partly due to his spirit and energy that has helped me put the many pieces of ‘Digital Hits One’ together. My only regret is that he’s not here to share his love and passion with you because I know you’d have loved him, just like we did.

It was also thanks to Roy I met another of the DH One team, a lifelong friend and radio colleague ‘Pete Roberts’ ( bet he’s not mentioned me ) we have worked together since our teens, well my teens he’s a fair few years older than me…..it’s the truth. I moved to Somerset originally in 1993 but paid the West Midlands one final visit in 2000 to assist Bridge FM in hometown of Walsall this was to be my final experimental radio station in the midlands before moving to my beloved Somerset where I’ve been ever since, though I am allowed out of the county, with family, a dog, roadie, and a ton of records and tapes, we’d landed.

New local radio station BCR FM which later became ( Quaywest ) began broadcasting on Wednesday 4 ^{th} July 2001, I was lucky enough to be asked to present the weekend late show with the rest of the launch team. Because of my huge talent….nah basically the other guy wanted paying so I got the gig, but I ended up spending 9 great years there and made many more lifelong friends and extended family, the type of family you only see at party’s mind you.

Pulse meant the world to me, as many will know, again I got to work with some old friends, I have to say by this time some of them are cracking on a bit, I met my new gaffer Mark Carney ( no not the guy from the bank of England, I’m not that lucky sadly ) and he again became another lifelong friend I was extremely proud of what that radio station achieved.

So here we are, our new radio station Digital Hits One ( DH One ) call it what you will. Something I along with the small team has spent the past 4 years building. I wanted a radio station that sounded fresh and exciting once more, which is why all the people you hear have been handpicked to bring that original radio sound that I last heard so many many years ago. I wanted to bring back the fun, the freedom, and pure enjoyment of listening to pop music radio again from our locally based studios, and maybe just maybe someone might be inspired enough to carry on making radio in the years ahead, just like I once did.

I along with the rest of the team sincerely hope you enjoy and grow to love our radio station if so, be sure to let everyone know about us, or I won’t allow you to share any of my lemon sherbets.


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