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Glastonbury, Edinburgh: In lockdown shadow, what will be of 2020’s cultural record?

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Edinburgh Festival, billed as the world’s biggest celebration of arts and culture, alongside Glastonbury and the Oscars is a mothership of showbusiness. 

The sheer scale and reach of these events means they symbolise and epitomise the cultural identity of generation after generation.

Glastonbury was set to celebrate its 50th year, and Edinburgh its 73rd, having been set up in 1947 in the aftermath of the war to champion the human spirit, reconcile and reunite people.

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Stacy’s Mom songwriter, 52, dies after testing positive for coronavirus

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The co-frontman of US band Fountains of Wayne, best known for their single Stacy’s Mom, has died after testing positive for coronavirus.

Adam Schlesinger was fighting the illness in a New York hospital before his death on Wednesday morning, his family said in a statement.

The 52-year-old had earned an Oscar nomination in 1997 for writing the title track on That Thing You Do!, a music comedy directed by Tom Hanks.